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The Mosquito Research and Control Unit (MRCU) was established in 1965 to suppress mosquito populations so as to minimise discomfort from mosquito biting. To protect residents and visitors from mosquito-borne disease, and thereby enhance the quality of life and promote the economy of the Cayman Islands.
Tonights spray plan

GM Mosquitoes

Why are they Friendly

The “Friendly Aedes aegypti Project” utilizes a pioneering technique using genetically modified male mosquitoes to control the Aedes aegypti species. Here’s why they are “friendly”:
They fight the deadly Aedes aegypti mosquito.This protects people from dangerous viruses they transmit
Zika is one of these viruses! it can cause devastating birth defects,Other viruses include dengue and chikungunya.
The GM mosquitoes are male so they don’t biteOnly female mosquitoes suck blood
When released, the GM males mate with wild Aedes aegyptiHowever their offspring die before reaching adulthood.
This reduces the wild population of Aedes aegypti.The mosquitoes released will also die within a few days.
The GM technique lessens the need for insecticides
Modified genes cannot be transferred to other species, even if the GM mosquitoes are eaten.• GM males cannot pass their genetic modification to the females only to the offspring.
Aedes aegypti is an invasive species in the Cayman Islands.As they are not native, killing them doesn’t harm the eco-system.
• These are the reasons the GM project is calledthe “Friendly Aedes aegypti Project”.